Wall Panels

Architectural Sheet Metal Specialties Inc. fabricates and installs high-quality wall panels in a unique “concealed system.” They feature secure, overlapping and locking wet-joint (fastened with a flush caulk joint wall panel system and a staggered sliding clip) or dry-gasket (secured via integral weather stripping and fasteners) installation systems. Additionally, they can be used as a rain-screen via integral and adjustable accent strips.

The durability and aesthetic beauty of our wall panels makes them a stylish yet functional choice among architects and contractors. Moreover, these panels are able to fit a wide variety of curves and positions while appearing smooth and the joints nearly invisible.

These advanced systems are made possible thanks to the research of our material broker, Englert Inc., who has conducted years of extensive ASTM and impact resistance testing on their products. To learn more about the wide variety of color choices offered by Englert Inc. please visit their website http://www.englertinc.com

"Safety Begins with Teamwork."

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