Advantages of a Standing-Seam Metal Roof

Why Consider Installing a Metal Roof?

In addition to being incredibly durable and long-lasting,  Englert’s metal roofing systems are energy efficient and fully LEED (version 3.0 requirements for reflectivity and emissivity) and Energy Star compliant. Metal roofing is completely recyclable, which is good for the environment,  and Englert’s “Ultra-Cool” low-gloss coating comes in a wide variety of colors. This coating is offered standard to our customers and comes with a 35 year Kynar paint finish warranty enabling an overall energy reduction of up to 50%. In contrast to shingle or membrane roofing, metal roofs can have a life of greater than 50 years making them incredibly cost-effective. Here are some other reasons you may want to consider a standing-seam metal roof for your home or commercial building:

  • Metal roofs resist cracking, splitting, breaking or burning
  • Metal roofs weigh 1/3 less than asphalt
  • Metal roofs are 100% recyclable
  • Metal roofs coated with Englert’s “Ultra-Cool” finishes prevent 75%-80% of the suns energy from being absorbed
  • A 60-70 degree reduction on the surface of a metal roof will result in energy savings
  • Metal roofs increase a buildings value and can enhance the architectural aesthetic of a structure
  • Metal roofs offer the perfect platform for installing solar and thermal renewable energy solutions
  • Tax credits are available for using a metal roof system and can earn up to 25 U.S. Green Building Council LEED Credits

Metal roofing can also be surprisingly affordable for those looking for installation on their private home. ASMS can offer financing options through Synchrony Financial, please ask us about this for more details.

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